Featured Ads

Featured ads are the main thing individuals see when visiting the website landing page. Featured ads are organized over all different ads in website. Using our Dubaies.com Platform, after a couple of days your advertisement won't sink to the base of the postings. Featured promotions are 100% more proficient than free ones. Search results consistently show included promotions first, if a highlighted advertisement coordinates the pursuit standards. Featured advertisements consistently show at the head of any classification. Featured ads will be the first in any rundown when the clients are simply calmly perusing advertisements.

Why to post Featured Classifieds Ads on Dubaies.com?
Posting your feature ads implies that you can pay a set amount of fee for it to show up in an assortment of noticeable spots all through Dubaies.com website. Dubaies.com implies your advertisement will stand apart among all the others to augment the quantity of perspectives and increment the odds of your thing selling. We assure you that your Featured Ad will stay included until it terminates or you remove it from the Dubaies.com website.

How to post a Feature Ads
•    Enter and post your ad the way you do.
•    Select your plan from the Featured Ads packages available for all the users.
•    Now purchase your featured Ad plan.
•    By purchasing your plan you will be directed to the cart and you can add as many featured Ads you want.
•    Now select your payment method. By confirming your payment you will receive a confirmation email.
•    By completing these steps, your featured Ad will be made feature Ad and will run in the midst of other premium promotions on head of the page.
•    Now you are able to see your Ad at the most visible section of Dubaies.com website.

1.    BASIC: This package is for 30 days after you get purchased the plan, including 10 Featured ads posting availability, and 20 Regular ads availability 500 AED
2.    STANDARD: This package is for 60 days you get purchased the plan, including 20 Featured ads posting availability, and 40 Regular ads availability 1000 AED.
3.    PREMIUM: This package is for 120 days you get purchased the plan, including Social Media marketing, 30       Featured ads posting availability, and 60 Regular ads availability 1500 AED.