Enjoy the Iconic Scenes and a Memorable Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky gives you a once in a lifetime chance to enjoy a meal on a giant rotating platform that hangs 50 meters (165 feet) in the sky. Not only does it let you dine in an exceptionally safe and intimate setting (with groups of up to 22 people), but it also lets you enjoy the most incredible 360 degree views of the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and the city's famous landmarks. Is. Overall, it promises to give you a meal and sightseeing thrill to remember forever.

Dinner in the Sky in Dubai Location and Tour Duration

In addition to its promise of an engaging experience, Sky Dinner Dubai welcomes guests with a welcome drink and passport menu. The host gives you a detailed explanation and you are allowed to sign off in case of any mishaps. High Sky Event Management oversees Dinner in the Sky, which is open year-round serving thousands of visitors each year, with 6 sessions per day and two tables filled with 22 guests each.

Dine & Capture Treasured Moments with Absolute Safety

Whether you choose this place for your first date or to celebrate an important occasion or treat your special group with an exotic dining session, you can rest assured of its top-notch security. This dining concept of Belgian origin is designed in compliance with the German standard DIN 4112 and operates in accordance with the strict guidelines of the UAE Department of Occupational Safety and Health and Civil Protection. All of these guarantee you an enjoyable yet extremely safe flying experience from start to finish.